Chordsongs provides a simple interface for creating chord charts. Chords for six tunings are available: Soprano Uke (ADF#B), Tenor Uke (GCEA), Baritone Uke (DGBE), Guitar (EADGBE), Mandolin (GDAE), and Mandola (CGDA). You only need to create a chord chart once. Selecting a different tuning will convert your tune to that tuning.

IMPORTANT FOR WINDOWS USERS!: Chordsongs works on Windows 7 and 8 using IE9, 10 or 11, except Guitar does not work on Windows 7 using IE9. Chordsongs works on Windows XP, but not with IE. Use the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome browsers with Windows XP.

NOTE: This app is not suitable for tablets. Chordsongs was designed specifically for desktop or laptop computers.

If you own a iPad, you may want to check out our Chordtunes app. Chordtunes creates chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. It supports six tunings, transposition, three PDF formats, a custom chord keyboard, and Dropbox support.

   Visit the EUMLab site for more information.

To prevent the database from being spammed or abused, registration is required. But, a demo is available so you can view the app to decide if you want to register. You won't be able to create or update the demo songs, but you can explore the Edit page and view the demo songs.
Demo is here