Question: Does Chordsongs play the music?
Answer: No, you do.

Question: Can I create my own chords?
Answer: No. Please understand that the chords are created by custom fonts, so there is no way for the user to create additional chords. It would be like someone using a Word Processor app and wanting to add a custom character to Helvetica. I'll be adding more features, but for now it is what it is.

Question: Can I use Chordsongs on my tablet?
Answer: This app is not suitable for tablets. It was designed specifically for desktop or laptop computers. Touching the chord field on a tablet will bring up the tablet keyboard, covering up the custom keyboard in the Web app.

Question: Why are there no slash chords?
Answer: This app uses custom fonts for the chords. There are only so many keys available to map the chords to the custom keyboard. I'm open to suggestions for the chords that are available, but adding another chord will require replacing or modifying an existing chord.

Question: Can I share my chord charts with friends?
Answer: Your chord charts are saved in a protected area that only you have access to. I wouldn't advise giving out your login info. You can save the chord chart as a PDF file and share it. When you save a song, you can tag it by checking the public checkbox. This will save your song as a read-only version in the Community Library. This library can be accessed from the Demo login.

Question: You show chords that are different from the way I play them. Can you change the voicing of a chord?
Answer: As you know, there are many ways to voice a chord. I will consider changing the voicing of a chord if I think it warrants consideration. Once a change is made, all users will be affected. Of couse if a chord is wrong, I encourage you to contact me and I will correct the chord.

Question: Does the Alt switch change all my chords?
Answer: No. The Alt switch is for entering a different voicing of a chord. For example: Using GCEA (Tenor Uke), Std setting will enter 0000 for Am7. Alt setting will enter 2433 for Am7.

Question: I would love to be able to transpose my tunes. Will that be added to the app?
Answer: Probably not, but I am open to exploring it.

Question: I would like to put the chords above each line of the lyrics. Is that Possible?
Answer: No, but I have another app that provides that. Chordsongs was designed for simplicity. The chord field is intended to show each chord once. Many chords you will know and not need to refer to the chord diagrams. Eventually, you will learn the chords you are unfamiliar with and not need to refer to them at all. In fact, you will probably learn the tune to the point where you don't need the chord chart. That's the point.

Chordette is a ukulele chord library program that can used as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with a word processing program, such as Word. As a stand-alone, it provides a handy interface for looking up uke chords in first and second position. When used with a word processing program, chord charts can be built by using the keystroke information for mapping the chords. It is only available for most stringed instruments in Mac and Windows versions. You can download it from Ukefarm at:  Chordette

Question: Are there plans to develop a desktop version, that doesn't require Internet? I would love to use this app off-line.
Answer: There's a big difference between coding for the Web and creating a native app for Mac or Windows. If there is anyone interested in partnering with me to develop a version for OS X or Windows, please contact me.

Question: Is Chordsongs free?
Answer: Yes! But, there is a Donate button on the Web page. There is no obligation to donate, but any donation will be greatly appreciated.